In Memoriam:


The coronavirus is especially a danger for older people and people with certain risk factors. Of course it also affects health care workers. Back in Wuhan, Li Wenliang, a 33 year-old ophthalmologist, was one, if not the first, doctor to alert people in China of the outbreak. He died on February 7, 2020. But the fact that, of all people, the 34-year-old doctor in Wuhan who tried to warn everyone and who rebelled against the system in China, is dying of it is a brutal coincidence. Or isn´t it? The age related risk of mortality at the age < 60 years is about 0.32 % (


Of course a lot of other Healthcare Workers died in the fight agains the corona virus too? Why is that? Beside the possible exposure to high viral load maybe because states run out of protection gear and send them „unarmed into the fight“?

Find an interesting articel about „How the World`s Richest Country Ran out of a 75-Cent Face Mask“ by Farhard Manjoo


And find the list of Healthcare Workers, who have already died of Covid-19 here:


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